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JoAnn Ralph Visual Artist

Early Work
The Artist
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JoAnn Ralph studied art in Belleville, Toronto and Windsor. She has also been  fortunate  to have traveled abroad and to have seen work  produced by artists in other parts of the world. The work of other artists remains a source of inspiration to her.  JoAnn's portfolio includes paintings, sculptures, lithographs and intaglio prints. Her current focus is drawing. 


JoAnn began drawing with pen and ink over forty years ago.  She   believes her  drawings have been influenced by such things as matter viewed under a microscope and the study of neuroanatomical structures. As well,  viewing  the world from above,  she believes, has also been an  influence.  JoAnn’s  drawings  are very  detailed and take much time.  She works on several  drawings at once.


When thinking of how to  describe her drawings, JoAnn has  found it helpful  to consider what others  have  said about  them. Hearing people  speak  of  their  microscopic   or  aerial  aspects  confirms  her  own  thinking  regarding   the  micro/macro dynamic  in her  drawings. People  have also  said that her drawings bring to mind aspects of Chinese, Mayan or Aboriginal art.



Selected Activities and Awards


2016:  Modern Fuel ARC Juried Members Show and online fundraiser December. Marianne van Silfhout  Gallery, Art and Soul, Juried Exhibition, October. Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, July; Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Award, July 2016.



2015: TOAE September; Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition's Best-Of TOAE Exhibition: First Canadian Place Gallery, January.


2014: Marianne van Silfhout  Gallery's 7th Juried Show  "An Artist's View";   St. Lawrence  College, Brockville, Ontario. October 23 - November 28, 2014. Honourable Mention Untitled #2; Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Best of Drawing  and  Illustration   Honourable  Mention  Award  and Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Award, July 2014; Purview, Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre, Artist Talks; Cezanne's Closet, Union Gallery.


 2013:  MFARC Members Show and Sale; Toronto  Outdoor  Art Exhibit ; MFARC , Step to the Tett,  Fundraising  Campaign printed post cards;  Kingston Art's Councils  Juried Art  Salon;   Invitation, Modern  Fuel  and Union Gallery; Artist-Educator Foundations Course;  Cezanne's Closet, Union Gallery.


2012:  No Two Alike, Modern  Fuel  Members' Show and Sale; Space,  Marianne  van Silfhout Gallery, Brockville, 5th Annual Juried Show; Modern Fuel's 14th Annual Regional  Juried  Members Exhibition; Kingston Art's Council's Juried Art  Salon. MFARC Members Show and Sale; Cezanne's Closet, Union Gallery, Queen's University; Kingston Art's Council Newsletter background image.  

 JoAnn remains  grateful  to  family, friends,  and her colleagues  in the Arts  Community  and the  Ontario Arts Council for their generous support.  Thank you for looking at this website.